Feng Shui, Design Psychology and Mattress Placement


I really like Feng Shui! Whether or not you consider this historical Asian design methodology relies on historical knowledge or superstition, Feng Shui consists of some precious ideas and is just enjoyable! Think about these Feng Shui guidelines:

– Do not sleep along with your toes dealing with the bed room door.

– Place head of mattress so that you could see the doorway.

– Do not sleep subsequent to the wall that has the meter field on it.

– Do not place head of mattress subsequent to a toilet wall.

So the place do my husband and I put our mattress in line with these guidelines? In our bed room with 4 partitions, one wall is all closets, one wall backs as much as the toilet, one wall is all doorways opening to the backyard, and the final one (oh my!) has the meter field on it! To not fear, Feng Shui has all types of guidelines to repair any downside, together with utilizing crystals and houseplants to counteract unfavourable vitality.

Design Psychology, primarily based on years of scientific analysis, involves a few of the identical conclusions that Feng Shui practitioners, primarily based on years of expertise, make the most of. However Design Psychology boldly contradicts the Feng Shui rule you could’t sleep along with your toes dealing with the bed room door.

Design Psychology creates rooms to assist happiness and well-being. The bed room, a private house for refreshment and delight, requires consideration to particulars just like the mattress placement for consolation. As the primary attraction, the mattress is normally the focus of the room. Subsequently, place the headboard instantly reverse the doorway up towards a wall. This creates the visible enlargement of the room and underscores the mattress’s significance. A larger purpose to position the mattress in order that it faces the doorway is for a sense of safety. Folks really feel secure once they can simply see the door.

The mattress represents the start and ending of life. Prior to now, individuals have been conceived, born, and so they died in the identical mattress. You spend extra time in your mattress than in some other piece of furnishings. So, comply with Feng Shui guidelines or Design Psychology ideas and place your mattress with the pinnacle dealing with the doorway of the room. Not solely will this spot reinforce the mattress’s significance in your design plan, you’ll really feel comfy and sleep nicely!

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