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  • Organization and Information Systems


    The significance and role of technology in the economy and in society has become extremely important over the last decade. People, organizations and government enthusiastically embrace all that technology has to offer, while others are more cautions or even positively resistant.
    Organization & information systems have a mutual influence on each other. Information systems must be aligned with the organization to provide information that important groups within the organization need. At the same time, the organization must be aware of and be open to the influences of information systems in order to benefit from new technologies.
    The interaction between information technology and organization is very complex & is influenced by a great many mediating factors, including the organization structure, standard operating procedures, politics, culture, surrounding environment and management decisions. Managers must be aware that information systems can markedly alter life in the organization. They cannot successfully design new systems or understand existing systems without understanding organizations.
    How do definitions of organizations relate to information technology? There are two definitions technical and behavioral of an organization. Technical view of organizations us to focus on the way inputs are combined into output when technology changes are introduced into the company.
    But the more realistic behavioral definition of an organization suggests that building new information systems or rebuilding old ones. That involves much more than a technical re arrangement of machines or workers that some information systems change the organizational balance of rights, privileges, obligations, responsibilities and feelings that have been establishes over a long period of time.
    The technical & behavioral definitions of organizations are not contradictory. In need they complement each other. Overall, the role of information and communication technologies in shaping human activity in our private and professional lives has become more and more prominent today.