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The role of information systems in running the 21st century organization

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  • The role of information systems in running the 21st century organization

    Management information system is valuable thing for present day organizations. Management information system heavily depend on information and communication technology. Management information system focuses on the use of communication and communication technologies in managing organizing. In 21st century so many organizations use information and communication technology to do their operations efficiently and effectively. Management information systems help managers to get better decisions to achieve specific goal and to facilitate seamless internal and external communications with their employees, customers, partners and other stakeholders.
    In the past days customers came to the company and requested or for a product purchased and that order go through a difficult process of paper based procedures. In this way customers required to spend their time unnecessarily among different departments to get their order. So this system is very difficult for the consumers and the organization. As a result of the prevailing technology, It concept started to enter into business and under this situation Management information system started in business. Management information systems are based on three principals.
    1. Senior management
    2. Middle management
    3. Operational management
    Management information system serve each of these levels with the establishment of the new information system, it has been able to achieve the objectives of the organization with the good concept of the relevant parties.
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    In the present day technological world, all this is accomplished through the company’s information systems computer based hardware and software that enables recording, storage and retrieval of data. Most of the companies have so many computers are networked together for the sharing information and special data. It’s easy to continue operational process of the organization.
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