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  • E-banking

    E- Banking is also known as online banking ,and as internet banking .E -banking enables a person or set of persons or number of institution to do banking transactions by logging into the website of relevant financial institution. E-Banking is a kind of distance Banking and it enables the customers to fulfil their targeted needs and wants very fast ,Which is a concept with a great contrast branch banking .E-Banking keep away customers from the branches of bank, Which is considered as massive innovation resulted from new technology. Web site is maintained and features to be added by the bank itself to give maximum value to the intended customers .E-Banking involves in, checking account balance ,transfer from one account to another ,Online payment services and it provides the information about the services that bank provides to current and potential customers . E-Banking facilitates all the users to use it over 24hours ,seven days and saves the money and energy that used to go to the bank brunch ,ensuring the security of transaction. By and large E-Banking is the newest trend and most impressive part of nowadays banking

    Manoj sandaruwan

    trincomalee campus

    Eastern university